Felicia and Corey Engagement Session Central Park Winter Park FL

June 25, 2020

Felicia and Corey Engagement Session Central Park Winter Park FL

Felicia and Corey are some cool cats. It started when they reached out to inquire for their Engagement session. We talked about some of my photos, and I showed Felicia a gallery of some portraits I took of my wife. She absolutely loved them and from talking to them I knew from the get go we were going to be good friends.

As a lifestyle photographer, I wanted to make sure to capture some of the things they love, but due to weather complications, we had to reschedule the engagement session a couple of times, but that did not stop their love or me from capturing some truly special moments for them!


Both Felicia and Corey are from out of state originally. They’re both pharmacists and part of the same Facebook group for doctors. Corey “Slid in her DM and scooped up her Facebook page”. They hit it off that first month, constantly texting and calling one another until they both decided they wanted to see how things would go. On Feb 4, 2019 they met in person and the rest is history.


Corey originally wanted to propose in his hometown of Chicago at the botanical gardens in front of their family and friends, but with COVID hot on the heels, he decided to propose earlier by taking Felicia out on one of the picnics they love going to on regular basis. On his 30th birthday, Fel had written a series of letters (one of which was to be opened on the day he would propose), and on their proposal day.

He wrote a letter to her on the back of THAT letter that she had wrote to him, and when she opened it and read it, he told her to flip it over once she was done reading. That’s when Fel had realized he was proposing, Down on bended knee and all. March 26th 20202


So a little bit about Central Park. Central Park is the crown jewel of all the parks in Winter Park. Conveniently located on Park Avenue in the heart of the downtown shopping district, this 11-acre park hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year including the annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, and the Olde Fashioned 4th of July Celebration.

Central Park’s beautiful fountains, landscaped planters, and oak tree canopy bring thousands of visitors annually to admire its beauty. There is also a spectacular Rose Garden located on the southern border of the park. The Rose Garden may be rented for small wedding ceremonies of fewer than 20 guests. Tents, tables, chairs, or any other decorative items are not allowed. The West Meadow is also available for private events. Contact the Parks Administration Office for more information.

Central Park and Downtown Winter Park FL is one of my favorite locations for engagement session. I frequently capture some amazing engagement sessions here since the abstractness of the actual town is amazing! It has a vintage vibe but also modern a feel to it, and I love using these buildings and a little secret areas as part of the engagement session for unique compositions.


Felicia and Corey fell right into place with this location and their photos truly envision the love they have for each-other. This engagement session was soo much fun, I turned on my boombox and played some fav tunes for these guys to help relax and create a more soothing environment! As they eased up, emotions started to fall in place and so did my camera! We had a ball of a time. Check of some of these beautiful images from this session.