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My name is Aidan Meadows, a multicultural lifestyle Orlando wedding photographer based out of Orlando, Florida. I’m so excited to meet you! Wedding Photography is my literal passion, having worked many different types of jobs and experiencing many different cultures and settings at a young age, Photography has lead me to meet tons of new friends, and create masterpieces that show off their relationship, which at the end of the day gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Naturally I am an extremely artistic person. As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved creating, whether musically or artistically. I also have always been a 100% extroverted party animal, who loves dancing and getting people hype. (According to my wife Destiny). Being social, building strong relationships, and being true to myself and others is what great time looks like to me.

It is my goal as a wedding photographer to go beyond superficial and create meaningful relationships. Using the strong relationship we will build, I have no doubt in my mind the epic and mind-blowing imagery we will make together. 

Some Of My Skills

Wedding Photography
Photo Editing
Making You Feel Awesome
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Aidan Meadows

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I have been playing instruments and creating music for as long as I’ve been doing photography! I play guitar, piano, bass, and also produce electronically on the computer. Music is definitely a big part of my life as well, and there’s almost no time when I’m not listening to or working on something musically!


Dancing is almost as important to me as photography. Its one of my favorite things to do, and it always makes me happy when I dance. Between hip-hop, pop and lock, and tutting to Bachata, Salsa, and merengue, If there’s a party? I’m there.


I absolutely love working out! I enjoy doing a powerlifting program mixed in with tons of calisthenics. Health is an important part of my life to feel good mentally and physically. It also helps me out with the taxing days of working a wedding for 12 hours straight!


I’m always down to go out for some drinks or try new cocktails! Old Fashions and Whiskey Sours are my two favorite drinks. I try to go to different bars to taste their different creations of the Old Fashioned and have seen some very interesting ones! Cant wait to hear what you like to drink as well!


I am a car enthusiast! I absolutely love them and always have been fascinated by sports cars and the sorts. I am a proud owner of a modified 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 that I call the Jolly Rancher.

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